Working on Bluetooth(BT) for a few weeks proved to be quite beneficial, got a reasonably good grip on its fundamentals, so exploring that here might prove to be a useful future reference. And also help someone else who might want to get started on this connectivity mechanism.

BT was quite revealing, mostly because of the fact that prior to this I had never worked on any wireless protocol. Even though BT specification is a great piece of documentation, (unlike IEEE 802.11 spec) it does manage to abruptly throw jargons which can raise more questions than it answers. To overcome this someone needs to wrestle through the full 3000 pages of the spec searching for explanations on the new found key words which may spiral into more doubts. Hopefully, with these posts we can craft some clarity on the BT framework, just the elementary skeleton backed by critical design information. This should act as a preface to the full blown BT Spec so that the latter can be read in a more orderly way.

Content Index:

Part 1: Bluetooth Framework

Part 2: Physical Layer

Part 3: Logical Transports (Link Layer)


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